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Hello friends.


I'm excited to tell you that my new album 'SOMNAM' will be released on ltd. edition blue vinyl, digital download and streaming via Eyeless Records. 


Hear the first track to be shared 'The Woe Spills' on YouTube here or listen on Soundcloud here.

SOMNAM samples recordings I've made of wind turbines, ripping paper, tearing wet wood, all sorts of clicks and metal clanging, different types of weather, drawers and doors closing, flapping pigeon wings and bird song. This record is different from previous Birdengine releases in many ways and is a mixture of songs and instrumentals based around melodic ambient texture, vocal sampling, warped distorted synthesis and wonky rhythms created with found sound. It features zero guitar but is quite synth and sample heavy and louder than previous work. The title is taken from the word Somnambulist, meaning sleepwalker and the album touches on many themes including sleep, memory, cults, curses, death, grief but also hope. Amongst the distorted grainy organ, rhythmic clatter and swinging arpeggiated melodies is a sense of optimism, some light amongst the darkness that life brings us all at times, especially (for many of us) in the last year. Losing my brother at the end of 2019 compelled me to finish this, and whilst it's definitely an often bleak sounding record, I had great fun making it and I'm looking forward to playing it live as soon as the apocalypse is over. 

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Lawry x